Massage therapy is one of the most popular and effective forms of chiropractic care. This treatment method often focuses on the back, but it can be used to address essentially any soft tissue. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Elk Grove that can provide expert massage therapy, stop by Sundstrom Chiropractic Clinic. For now, let’s cover some common questions regarding massage treatment.

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What Makes Massages Provided by a Chiropractor Different?

Chiropractors aren’t the only people to provide massages. You could schedule an appointment with a masseuse, for example, and you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing massage. When chiropractors perform massages, however, they’re looking to achieve more than just relaxation. Massage therapy can be used to correct various issues with your muscles and other tissues. This can result in lasting pain relief.

What Are the Benefits of Massages?

Massage treatment offers an excellent way to secure pain relief without needing to rely on medications. By relaxing muscles, a chiropractor can provide lasting pain relief. Massage treatment can also stimulate blood flow and may spur healing.

Is Massage Therapy Only Used for the Back?

Chiropractors are often thought of as back doctors because many of their methods focus on the back and the spinal cord. However, chiropractors can treat tissues throughout the body. Massage treatment may prove effective for relieving pain in your limbs, for example. Further, addressing problems in your back or neck could provide pain relief throughout the body by reducing muscle strain.

What Conditions Can a Massage Treat?

Massage treatment can be used to address a wide variety of conditions. In practice, massaging will loosen up muscles. If you’re suffering from tightened, strained muscles, some hands-on care can go a long way. Massage treatment may prove effective at treating jaw pain, whiplash, upper and lower back pain, and sciatica, among other conditions.

Since the back acts as a foundation for your body, problems in the back can cause pain elsewhere in the body. For example, tensed muscles in the back could strain muscles in your neck, which in turn may strain the muscles in your face, producing tension headaches. By relieving the strain in your back, you may be able to prevent and mitigate headaches.

Will I Have Input into Treatment?

Yes! If you find that the massage is too hard or intense, or perhaps you want a bit more intensity, you can let your treatment provider know. Ultimately, each massage session should be tailored to you and your needs. This will ensure maximum pain relief and relaxation.

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