Chiropractic care is a natural and beneficial method that can improve your range of motion and reduce pain in your spine and joints. However, combining these techniques with complimentary therapies can also help with healing. At Sundstrom Chiropractic Clinic in Elk Grove, CA, we offer chiropractic care and massage therapy as part of our treatment plan. Before you pay us a visit, learn more about massage therapy below:

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Massage Therapy for Pain Reduction

If you are living with chronic pain, it can affect your quality of life. At our practice, we provide safe and effective techniques to reduce your pain and help you return to your normal routine quickly. Whether you have been dealing with discomfort for a long time or you’re in pain from an accident or injury that occurred more recently, massage therapy can be beneficial in alleviating discomfort.

Chiropractic Care Helps You Move More Freely

Since chiropractic care was developed to reduce pain and improve range of motion, it is a helpful treatment that can improve your quality of life. Pain from accidents, chronic conditions, physically demanding jobs, and hobbies can all become chronic if left untreated. Our chiropractor can help with spinal and joint realignment to help eliminate your discomfort and help you heal.

Combined Treatment Enhances Healing

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are both helpful for reducing pain and allowing you to move more freely. However, they can be used in combination for increased benefits and speeding up the recovery process. Massage can relax the muscles and stimulate blood flow to tissues, which can reduce inflammation and help with healing. Chiropractic care can be used to realign the spine and joints, which takes the pressure off of the supporting structures and helping helps you move more freely. While both treatments are valuable on their own, they complement each other in ways that can significantly alleviate pain when utilized together.

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If you’re interested in massage therapy, our team at Sundstrom Chiropractic Clinic in Elk Grove, can provide more information on this method and create a treatment plan to help eliminate your discomfort. When your range of motion is limited, this can start to impact your day-to-day activities and hinder you from enjoying the things you love. Contact us at (916) 685-6380 to learn more about our treatments and to schedule a consultation. Our team looks forward to helping you improve your health and wellness!